"""There is something about fashion from generations past that's so captivating. Each piece has its own unique story to tell. My love for it began at a young age, in the depths of my mother's, now vintage, wardrobe! Every so often, my mother would pass down one of those dresses I so loved and along with it, its beautiful history.


As I grew up, I became keenly aware of trends and how to completely change a look simply by adding an accessory, changing my make up, or being creative in general. My forte soon became modernizing vintage fashions.


Growing up in El Salvador has allowed me to infuse culture and diversity into everything I do. Whether it's the "spanglish" I interject more than occasionally, or adding a little piece of home into an outfit; my heritage always flows through me. In fact, my past is what pushes me. Seeing my mother fulfill her dreams to raise us where we could flourish, has inspired me to pursue dreams of my own. I was beyond blessed to have begun my life in El Salvador, but I must say that living in New York now is wondrous!


Being in New York allows me to work at the Mecca of the fashion industry. To date, I have been building my career in fashion and entertainment for the last ten years. As my career grew I learned the importance of surrounding yourself with ambitious, honest, and passionate people. Through hard work, dedication, and networking I am now invited to red carpet events, interviewing celebrities, attending fashion shows, working on charity events, and so much more. I now want to share all of this with my readers.









Vintage NYC Magazine is a platform to share my passion for the fashion and entertainment industry with my readers. On this website and in the in-print version of Vintage NYC Magazine I implement my love of vintage inspired fashion and trends through editorial photo shoots, and articles. In addition, I showcase the elite events that I attend, interview industry insiders, share videos of my experiences, and that's just the beginning.


Needless to say,  running a magazine is no small feat. In fact, I have a great team behind me. I would like to personally thank Zuri and Darryl McDaniels, Victoria Torres, John A. Drago, my children and Iris Maraboli for helping me build this magazine. Perhaps most importantly, I'd like to thank my readers. For, they are what make the magazine successful and validate that if you dream big the rewards will follow! May this magazine inspire you all to stay timeless!


-Amelia Meloni

Creative Director

Editor-In-Chief Of Vintage NYC Magazine


Owner Of Amelia Meloni PR INC



Vintage New York City Magazine

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