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I’ve been working in fashion communications, marketing and public relations since 1999. The truth behind this line of business is that words matter.​ Every one of life's endeavors: Business, social causes, personal development, politics, art succeeds when true and purposeful words are chosen to move it into action. So, at the center of what I do is ensuring that words are being shared and discussed in a variety of mediums and platforms.If you don’t have the words down for what you do, for what you are passionate about or hang your reputation on, you just won’t be able to get far into where you want to go. Another truth I’ve come to learn during my journey is the importance of relationships. It doesn’t matter how visible your company or nonprofit is, if the work is not geared toward creating and nurturing relationships that are mutual in benefit then you won’t be able to get far into where you want to go (yes, you must be generous).​ Words and relationships. These are the two main ingredients and everything else (strategy, tactics, whatever) revolves around them, in my humble opinion at least. Amelia Meloni PR puts this all into practice!! My clients are very important to me and I always deliver!!! I’m also an artist and designer, and much of my inspiration comes from having that background. Finding beauty and elegance in every event, person and project shapes how I work through life. I’m a mother and a wife, which are actually my most important achievements."​


                                                                                                                                   -Amelia Meloni





Editor-In-Chief / Creative Director of Vintage New York City Magazine


Founder / Owner of Amelia Meloni PR INC


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