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Mina Deutsch is the gifted designer behind the sumptuous Mina D Couture Jewelry collections. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she began her career in the New York City Diamond District, working for a high-end diamond firm for over 20 years. With her vast experience and first hand knowledge of both diamonds and semiprecious jewelry, creating her own line would come as a natural next step on her career path. And yet Mina D Jewelry was born out of passion and as a creative outlet. Getting dressed each morning for work, Mina realized what she was looking for wasn’t available in any jewelry store or boutique, so she started designing for herself as a way to add something special to her wardrobe, something different and unique, something she simply couldn’t find anywhere. Her inspiration originated not only from the fashion that comes down the runway each season, but also from her love of travel, especially the ocean and beaches, the muse behind her Ocean Dreams and Calming Blue Collections. Mina creates unique pieces because she believes jewelry should be one of a kind and as unique as the women who wear them. Her collections comprise unique, exquisite jewelry designed with pearls, semiprecious and precious stones such as garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, precious and natural stones such as agate, amazonite, jadeite and chalcedony, to name just a few. All Mina D pieces are handcrafted by master craftsmen, using the highest quality gems and natural stones. From Green Envy to Red Hot, Calming Blue or Ocean Dreams, all collections include necklaces and matching earrings in a range of colors to suit your mood. Each collection offers classic pieces with a modern twist, made to compliment today's fashion. Whether for an evening out, work or casual attire, these pieces are versatile and are made to be enjoyed and admired. A gorgeous outfit can sometimes look awkward or ordinary if you do not wear the right accessories with it. Accessories play an essential role in enhancing your look and making you stand out in the crowd so you can expect to turn heads by simply wearing a stunning pair of earrings or a dazzling necklace. In fact, a single piece of jewelry can dress you up and make a regular dress attractive. That explains why women are so much in love with couture jewelry, passionately building a treasured collection over time. Couture jewelry is the ultimate in fashion, elegance and style so once you fall in love with Mina D, you'll want a piece from every collection. WWW.MINADJEWELRY.COM

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