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VINTAGE NYC MAGAZINE IS Excited to introduce you to some of the talent behind Vintage NYC Magazine!


As a wife and mother of three children, I grew up in a family of seven children where I am the "middle child". Which I am sure explains a lot about my journey. As the middle child my three older siblings were not really into a younger sister and with the three younger ones were to young for me to hang out with. So I always had a book in my hands. Although I was born in Wareham, MA, I spent most of my years in Peoria, IL, where I raised my family. Recently I have relocated to Arkansas with my husband of 29 years. I was a legal assistant for many years and loved learning the ups and downs of the law. It also afforded me the opportunity to interact with so many different types of people which is why I am passionate about meeting and learning about others. In my new environment I decided to concentrate on writing. Doing a nightly blog on Instagram has been fun and meaningful to reach out to the lives of others. I believe everything we create matters in life. And we should always take the time to nurture our creations. I grew up watching old movies and have a love of all that the vintage style embodies. The women were all so fashionable. It makes me smile to see women wearing fabulous hats, gloves and smart dresses. Vintage never goes out of style it just gets better with time. As with books, I could never stop buying a hard cover book or magazine. I love the experience of reading and holding a book. That's where my love of writing comes from. I have a collection of poems I have written through the years. I love sharing inspirational writings with others in an attempt to make everyone's life a little better. If I had one big dream in life it would be to be a published writer. Life is made up of dreams and I believe our dreams are what keeps us moving forward each day. And that's a good thing!

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