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Ready for a tease, Vintage readers? Here are some exclusive behind the scene photo for our special S

This editorial is full of beauty and fashion that remains timeless. With the desire to travel in the air take a magical trip with Vintage as we explore the timeless beauty of today's Modern Vintage Woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, never missing a fashion beat. We at Vintage NYC Magazine want to explore every woman's dream journey. So pack a bag we're just getting started!


Amelia Meloni


Sherry Mercer

Photographer: @zairekaczphoto

Models Jessica Nielsen and Sarah Merrell

Gowns by: @_shiptoshore_

Custom made Jewelry by: @amberhatchett

Custom made shoes by: Lori Cannon, Killgurl

Hair by: Wesley Bolden

MUA by: Zack Russell


Photo Assistant Misha Schmiedecke

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