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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

THANK YOU Sherry Mercer, for sharing your dreams with us!


by: Sherry

"It's time to wish upon a star As I lie down tonight all comfy and cozy in my bed I am relishing in a dreamy Friday Night. Friday nights are just designed for fabulous dreaming. I had a dream years ago to be a published writer. I sent my intro letter to publishers only to have them say they were not interested in even reading my work. Yes, my feelings were hurt. But only for a short time. I trusted God to take that dream of a young girl and do something with it. Years later when I moved to Arkansas I decided not to work and instead focus on my writing. Which I would have never done back in Illinois as I had great job. My younger daughter encouraged me to get on IG, which I did. After about a year on IG I decided to start a nightly blog before I went to bed each night. I have been so encouraged by all of you. As life happens I saw a young ballerina on Oprah, found her on IG and ordered her cover story in Vintage NYC Magazine. End of story...or so I thought. I followed the magazine on IG and the editor in chief , Amelia Meloni, started following me. After a couple of months Amelia messaged me and said she liked my writing and would I be interested in writing for the magazines website. After pinching myself to make sure I was no longer dreaming I said YES! I have now written a few interviews on the website for @vintagenycmag on IG. So do I think dreams come true? Absolutely! God never forgot the desires of a young girl and waited until He thought I was ready. That's His timing not mine. He does know best. I encourage you all to never give up and never doubt Gods timing for your life. I waited a lifetime for my dream to come true. One never knows where life will take them or why. I encourage you to just say yes to whatever God asks you to do. You just may end up with your dream job. Sweet dreams my friendsNighty Night"

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