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"Classic Vintage Aviation"

As we have been preparing for our Classic Vintage Aviation trip with you, we finally picked out the perfect pair of glamorous heels that have to make the trip. The word glamorous does not do justice to these vintage inspired heels. Every savvy Vintage Woman knows there has to be a fabulously perfect pair of shoes that go everywhere we go. We pack them with anticipation of revealing them at the perfect moment. That moment is almost here so get your perfect pair of glamorous heels ready for the trip.


Amelia Meloni


By: Sherry Mercer

Photographer: @zairekaczphoto

Models Jessica Nielsen and Sarah Merrell

Gowns by: @_shiptoshore_

Custom Jewelry by: @amberhatchett

Custom shoes by: Lori Cannon, Killgurl

Hair by: Wesley Bolden

MUA by: Zack Russell


Photo Assistant Misha Schmiedecke

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