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Happy Birthday!


June is the birth month of a legend Marilyn Monroe. A gorgeous dreamer who was gone too soon. Marilyn displayed so much talent while we had her amongst us. Her work is now celebrated for the talent she was. One might wonder what heights she could have reached if her career had been longer. Marilyn had a childlike quality which endeared her to both men and women. One of her best known pictures "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" exemplifies her talent as a beautifully talented actress. Her las picture "The Misfits" proved she was a serious actor who could do it all. We celebrate Marilyn Monroe for all she was...and for all she could have been. In 1999 Marilyn was ranked the sixth greatest female star of all time by the "American Film Institute". Marilyn Monroe June 1, 1926 ~ August 5, 1962

Vintage NYC Magazine

By: Sherry Mercer

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