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Families In Arms, Inc

We at Vintage NYC Magazine are pleased and proud to announce that we will be supporting “Families In Arms, Inc.", a non-profit organization that raises money to send families of children with Autism to Disney World. The mission of “Families In Arms” is to “give families of children with Autism, the opportunity to create memories that go far beyond the walls of therapy.” If you have a child with Autism, or have a child in your extended family with Autism, you know how difficult the daily struggles can be for the child, the parents and siblings. “Families In Arms, Inc.", was created in an effort to give these families a space to breathe and have some fun. We are so excited to be involved in this organization, founded by Alonna Rubin and her father Ric Mango, from the iconic band “Jay and the Americans.” Alonna and her husband David, welcomed their first son, Jack, in 2001. Jack was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Alonna resigned from her teaching position and became a full-time advocate for her son. She knows the emotional and financial strain that a family of a child with Autism experiences. Alonna and her husband David, took their two sons to Disney World for the first time when Jack was 7 years old. The experience was one the family will always cherish. They have since created beautiful memories, year after year, at this magical place. Alonna understands how life is impacted when Autism knocks at your front door. In an effort to give back, Alonna and her father Ric, have created this organization out of love and a passion to help support other families that have children with Autism. Please follow the link provided to learn more about “Families In Arms” and to be a part of helping a family of a child with Autism create new memories.


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