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These are inspirational pictures about Devon and Leah Still. Last year Leah, not feeling well, her father took her to the doctor where they found a cancerous tumor in her stomach. Devon Still is a lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals. With a gifted career and a gifted life, on this one day everything changed for him and for his 4 year old daughter, Leah. Devon and Leah have always had a special bond but what was to come would make that bond unbreakable. Leah is a strong little girl who has been in the battle of her life, for her life, for the last year. Devon unable to focus on the game was put on the practice squad which would enable him to spend some time with his daughter and still have health insurance coverage for Leah. Together they began fighting the battle for Leah's life. He gives her the strength she needs to fight as much as she gives him the strength to fight with her. Leah was given a 50/50 chance of beating this. Together they are "beating cancer". Leah had months of chemo treatment which enabled her to undergo a six hour surgery to remove the tumor successfully. Leah's cancer finally went into remission this year. Leah is one of the toughest little girls you are ever going to meet. We hope you will do the research on Leah Still's battle and learn more about her courageous battle. It will literally bring you to your knees. The Bengals allowed Devon to be a father and to be there for his daughter for period of time. He has since been bumped up to the active roster and returned to the field. Devon and Leah received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award Wednesday night at the ESPY Awards. Because Leah had just had a stem cell transplant she was unable to be there as she has to remain at home for 90 days. Devon and Leah remain optimistic about Leah's future. If the future is what we make it then Leah is in good hands. #LeahStrong #StillStrong #StrongestLittleGirl #support #believe #faith #prayers #WeLoveYou #Leah MORE...........


Vintage NYC Magazine

By: Sherry Mercer


#LeahStrong #StillStrong #StrongestLittleGirl #support #believe #faith #prayers #WeLoveYou #Leah #LoveCanWin

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