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In the spirit of this season's issue on fabulous moms we want to take this opportunity to celebrate with our very own cover girl COCO; on November 28th she welcomed Chanel Nicole into the world! As she and Ice-T now focus on their beautiful baby girl, we want to invite you to join in this special moment. We chose to also focus on this new, fabulous addition to the world and celebrate one of the most significant moments of a mothers life: the birth of her first child. So instead of offering you our printed cover today, we are revealing Vintage's newest cover girl. She takes after her mother, after all! Please stay tuned as we continue to highlight the special pages of this issue of Vintage all week long. We will be revealing the cover of Fabulous Moms with Coco on Monday 7, 2015. If you cannot wait, pre order at to get your copy first and save on shipping. LOVE,

Amelia Meloni Vintage NYC Magazine

By: Christina Roman

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