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illustrations of an illustrator

Vintage NYC Magazine is proud to spotlight DON J. THOMAS Bespoke Illustrator of Gentlemanly Living & Fashion in our special winter "Fabulous Moms,"issue 2015. We celebrate his talent , imagination , designs , artistic, visionary, unique, classic and sophisticated vintage style with a modern sensibility.

Don J. Thomas was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Inheriting his talent and passion for art from his parents, his craft was refined at the High School of Art & Design, Pratt Institute, & the Fashion Institute of Technology. During adolescence, as expected, his favorite artists were those from the comic book realm. Emulating pencilers like John Byrne proved invaluable as this would help hone Thomas' ability to sketch the body with full gesture and the face with the greatest of expression. However, rivaling his love of art was his adoration of tailored fashion. Therefore, it was only natural for the two muses to wed into Thomas' illustration of fine wearables. Today, with an art style that has been likened to the iconic imagist J.C. Leyendecker, Thomas has begun illustrating for some of the most distinguished men's lifestyle magazines, blogs, and clothing brands. Vintage NYC is inspired and honor to share his talent with you Vintage readers and celebrate his talent!


Vintage NYC Magazine

Artist: Don J. Thomas

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