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Each issue, Vintage New York City Magazine brings awareness to a different charity. In our winter issue, fabulous moms, we feature the National Down Syndrome Society. This year, we are so excited to be covering the NDSS' 30th annual gala & auction! Alongside the president of the NDSS, Sara Hart Weir, we look forward to be in a room filled with hope, inspiration and people determined to make a difference. Join the movement towards change and visit their website for tickets, donations or simply more information about the cause.

NDSS 30th Annual Gala & Auction: Let the Good times Roll

March 10, 2016 7pm

The National Down Syndrome Society’s 30th Annual Gala & Auction: Let the Good Times Roll will honor ABC News along with our very own actor, advocate and friend Mr. Chris Burke. At our annual event, NDSS gathers its friends and supporters to celebrate the NDSS mission, the accomplishments of individuals with Down syndrome and those who contribute to the Down syndrome community.

This year we will be letting the good times roll right into an after party! Join us after the Gala & Auction for live music from The Mere Mortals and a premium open bar from 10:00 PM - Midnight. By attending the Gala & Auction, you will receive free access into the after party. Unable to attend the Gala & Auction? Purchase your after party ticket(s) above.

2016 Honorees

ABC News

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) was a pioneer for people with Down syndrome when the network aired the first hit TV show built around an individual with Down syndrome. Life Goes On, which first aired in 1989, featured Chris Burke as Charles “Corky” Thatcher which opened the door for actors and actresses with Down syndrome to have major parts in network and cable television shows. Through ABC’s trailblazing efforts to air Life Goes On, the network helped raise awareness about Down syndrome more than ever before. Not only did Life Goes On give new families at the time hope about a diagnosis of Down syndrome, it helped us raise the expectations in the media and on TV about what people with Down syndrome can do – go to college, have careers, get married and live independent lives. ABC News continues to raise awareness and advocate for people with Down syndrome through stories of individuals with Down syndrome on the news, in print and through social media.

Mr. Chris Burke

Chris Burke, who is best known for his role as Charles “Corky” Thacher on the ABC show Life Goes On, has spent his life being a role model to people across the world, showing that it is not about one's disability, it is about their ability. Burke rose to fame with his role on “Life Goes On” and in 1990 was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a series. In addition to the role on Life Goes On, Burke appeared in The Commish, Touched by an Angel and ER.

Outside of his work on screen, Burke has been an advocate for people with Down syndrome. Burke has traveled the globe giving speeches, making appearances and motivating people to realize that a disability should not hold one back from achieving what they want in life. In October 2015, Burke retired from his administrative work with NDSS and from his post as the NDSS Goodwill Ambassador after 21 years of service.

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