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Darryl McDaniels "Dson"

Dson tell us what does the son of a super talent do in life?

I would say you get comfortable with who you are and take life from there. It took me a while to embody who and what my dad did. When I finally got it, I was able to enjoy my dads music. When I decided I wanted to, not just follow in my dads footsteps but enter that world as me, I got serious about the music. I wanted to get comfortable with who I was without ruining my families name. You cannot fake your way through music. People are too educated for that.

Does that put some pressure on you to succeed?

The pressure to fail is there but I try not to let that be the focus of my journey. A lot of kids from Icons fail because they try to recreate that parent. That never works. What I bring to the table is me. Nothing else will succeed. I cannot be a copy of my dad. He's already done that. My dad is a talent with a capitol "T". He is so supportive. Being creative is a work in progress. I write a verse at a time then walk away and then say oh yeah I gotta get back to that. I write as I feel it. I would like to get to writing a song a day.There is a lot of pressure as the son of "DMC". I will either succeed or fail. There is no in-between. His advice to me is to be the "King of my  kingdom"...don't try to be him. You are you and all that comes with that. To succeed it has to come from me and be who I am. As a father he gives me that freedom. No boundaries! Just go out and create who I am. I believe that is what I am working at. My dad has had great advice. Why would I not ask the best? His advice serves to guide my journey but he has let go of the reigns. He wants to see who I am. It will never work by being a copy of my dad. And I would never disrespect him by doing that. That would be too easy and transparent. The struggle and pressure comes from not wanting to disappoint. I am trying to relax and let the creative process guide me. If this is my destiny then I cannot fail.

Who inspires you?

I would say my mom and dad. My parents have given me all the tools to succeed and then they let me go. My mom has been a guiding light in my life from the beginning. She is a strong force with the love of a mom. My dad invented himself and then became a super star in the process. I love the strength and determination that took. I can only hope some of that rubbed off on me.

Can you tell us about your journey?

Music is my life. It's what I grew up with. I am finally able to respect and enjoy all that my dad is and has accomplished. He is a big inspiration in my eyes. I only hope I can be as good and inspiring a father as he has been to me. He wants the best for me as any father does. I hope to make him proud by reaching so far within to bring our the best me. I feel the music to the bone and creating lyrics brings me to life. The two together is my story. My journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to show the world who I am. I realize I have an opportunity afforded few. But if I can't bring something to the table then none of that matters.

 What have you learned from your journey?

You cannot fake your way through any opportunities in life. The talent has to come out for you to succeed. I believe I am on that path and look forward to showing the world "me". Who I am. I have accepted who I am and simply want to grow from there. I get to do what I do for fun, for a living and that's the best. My journey is just beginning.


Vintage New York City Magazine

By: Sherry Mercer

Photograph by: Conni Freestone

Short film By: Kevin Nulty




We are so proud at Vintage NYC Magazine to present this talented young man to you. This is just the beginning of great things to come for DSON! Watch his music video "She Say".....SEE full video Dson PrinceofRock McDaniels  #followhim #youtube.



Vintage NYC Magazine 

Videographer: Conni Freestone

Directed & produced by: Zuri McDaniels


Location: The Garden City Hotel

Mclaren570GT : @longislandsportscars

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